Full uncertainty decoding for HTK
Full uncertainty decoding for HTK Documentation

This page provide HTK patches for uncertainty decoding with a full uncertainty covariance matrix. This work is based on previous work from Ramon Astudillo.

Licence and citation

This software was authored by Yann Sala√ľn and Emmanuel Vincent (Inria) and is distributed under the terms of the modified BSD license.

However, it should be noted that once you apply the patch to the HTK source code, you must obey the HTK license.

If you use this software in a publication, please cite

Dung T. Tran, Emmanuel Vincent, and Denis Jouvet, Extension of uncertainty propagation to dynamic MFCCs for noise robust ASR, in Proc. ICASSP, pp. 5507-5511, 2014.



tar xzf HTK_UD_full.tar.gz
patch htk/HTKLib/HMath.c htk_UD_full/HMath.patch
patch htk/HTKLib/HModel.c htk_UD_full/HModel.patch
patch htk/HTKLib/HParm.c htk_UD_full/HParm.patch
patch htk/HTKLib/HWave.c htk_UD_full/HWave.patch
cd htk

Generate features with full uncertainty

We use to generate the feature with the writehtk MATLAB function in the voicebox toolbox. Our patch supposes that the covariance matrix is reshaped to a vector and concatenated to the mean vector.


See above publication.